Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Five reasons to never depose a psych doctor without an Apricot™ - Cross Examining Psych Doctors, Tip #122

An Apricot™ is a report that provides attorneys and insurance adjusters with information about the flaws in a psych report.  An Apricot™ is written on an expert witness basis and is protected by the work product doctrine.

1. Attorneys are experts in the law and typically not experts in psychology or psychiatry.
2. Psych doctors have the upper hand when being deposed by an attorney.
3. An Apricot™ uses non-technical terms to describe the flaws in a psych report revealing that the report does not constitute substantial medical evidence.
4. An Apricot™ provides the attorney with a list of simple questions to use on cross-examination of the doctor.
5. An Apricot™ provides a list of the major problems in the doctor’s report.

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