Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cross Examining Psych Doctors - Tip #56-The MMPI Taken at Home
The MMPI-2 is the most frequently used version of the MMPI. The testing manual for the MMPI-2 provides information on the administration of the test, including the required testing conditions on pages 8 through 10 of that manual.
An inspection of page 8 of the testing manual indicates that it reads in part,
“Supervision by a fully qualified professional is essential in using the MMPI-2”
           Page 8 goes on to state,
“It is strongly recommended that the MMPI-2 not be administered without proper supervision and that it not be given to test-takers to complete at home.”
           Page 10 further emphasizes this point when it states,
“To repeat a point made earlier, administration of the MMPI-2 should always be supervised.”
Thus, when a doctor allows the patient to take the MMPI-2 at home, it is not possible to interpret any of the test data obtained as providing any credible information about the patient’s psychological status.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Cross Examining Psych Doctors - Tip #55-Psychological Testing Standards
Of all the five sources of information that are obtained about individuals undergoing psychological evaluations, the only form of objective data that is open to public inspection and can be presented to the court is the psychological testing data. Accordingly, the manner in which those data are obtained, scored, analyzed and interpreted are of primary importance. Clearly, the first hurdle that must be overcome in assessing the credibility of the psychological testing data is the manner in which it was collected. At the very minimum, all psychological testing should be administered under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional who may employ a test proctor to monitor the psychological testing and guard against any irregularities, including the possibility that the testing was not taken by the person to whom it was intended to be administered.