Friday, August 31, 2018

When psych reports are not in your favor - What to do about it - Tip #121

Dr. Bruce Leckart conducts psychological evaluations in workers’ compensation and personal injury litigation. In addition to evaluating patients, he provides Apricots™ for attorneys and insurance adjusters who have a psych report not in their favor. An Apricot™ is a work-product privileged report used to assist an attorney in cross-examining a doctor and/or writing a trial brief for the court. Essentially, Dr. Leckart will find every flaw in the report, write up those flaws in easy-to-understand terms and provide the attorney with a list of simple questions to use in cross-examination. It doesn’t matter which state you are located in or the jurisdiction, Dr. Leckart can assist when you have a psych report that is not in your favor.

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