Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Prepare Your Own Apricot™ - Cross-Examining Psych Doctors, Tip #109

In 2009 I began to assist attorneys with written pre-deposition/pre-trial consultation reports.  I quickly realized that a “pre-deposition/pre-trial consultation report” is a mouthful, and a simpler, shorter name was needed.  I decided to go with “Apricot™.”  Apricots™ are work-product privileged reports designed to help attorneys cross-examine mental health professionals such as forensic psychologists, forensic psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, social workers etc.  An Apricot™ describes all of the substantial flaws in a psych report in jargon-free, non-technical language.  Most importantly, an Apricot™ also provides a list of simple questions and techniques that will help get those flaws on the record despite what might be the doctor’s evasive or non-co-operative behavior.  In fact, I’ve made all of the information you need to prepare your own Apricot™ available for free at my website (http://drleckartwetc.com/prepare-your-own-apricot).  Have at it!

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